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Daniel G. Stocker is a classically-trained pianist, composer, and music director located in Northern New Jersey (41.0168° N, 74.2057°W).  


He began learning piano at the age of eight, and thirteen years later, graduated cum laude from Boston University with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance.  Along the way, he fell in love with music directing and composing his own works. He has always been heavily inspired by musical theater, film scores, and classical music; out of these influences, he quickly learned he loves telling stories that invite the listener to create their own worlds and interpret his music in their own way.  Recently, Daniel has composed for a number of short scenes, most notably an entry into Spitfire’s Bridgerton Scoring Competition and aspires to score a feature.  Daniel is currently working on his debut full-length album of instrumental compositions—one he hopes will inspire dreams in the minds of his listeners. 

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